Blue Élan Records


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It’s about the music. It’s about the artist. It’s about collaboration.® For us, it starts with the music. Good music deserves to be heard, no matter who it’s by, no matter the age, no matter the gender, no matter the faith, no matter the sexual orientation—no matter any of that. Good music by committed artists. That’s what our Blue Élan family is all about. Voices that deserve to be heard for the pleasure and the pure enjoyment that good music brings. We don’t ask our artists to sign their lives away. We don’t ask them to pay for everything, nor do we ask them to give up ownership of their music for any long period or sign long-term contracts. We value our artist relationships, and continue to work to earn our reputation as the industry’s most-artist friendly label (Forbes). We also do not stick our head in the sand when it comes to issues of social importance—human rights, civil rights, no kids in cages. We seek to provide a voice for those who otherwise might not be heard. We want to take a stand on things that matter. In the challenges of today, we strive to make a difference. For us, doing so always starts with music, our artists, and working together.


Kimberly Umanoff
General Counsel

Aaron Bock

Fiona Chaney
Business Affairs

Saul Davis
Special Projects Manager

Colin Devlin
Creative Director

Eddie Eastabrooks
Sr. Director, Sales & Product Management

D'Andrea Galipeau
Social Media Manager

Mary Jurey
Chief Business Officer

Paul Milbury
Project Manager


Connor Pasich
V.P. & Director of A&R

Kirk Pasich

Niels Schroeter
General Manager

Kacy Swain
Project Manager

Mikaela Whitman
Director, Business Affairs

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