Deborah Newman (Formerly MusicStrat)


Online Marketing Law Firm


MusicStrat is a strategic consulting company focused on the intersection of music, technology and the law. Based in New York, the company was founded by Deborah Newman in 2008, after 30+ years of pioneering achievements in the music, television, video and online/digital businesses. MusicStrat believes that the disruptive impact of the shift from physical goods to digital distribution is now at an inflection point. Consumers have finally accepted digital music as the norm, with the listening experience moving from the home stereo to the PC, and now to portable and wireless devices. Forward thinking companies are introducing new, cutting-edge devices, games and services that are powered by music. After 10 years of experimentation, digital subscription services are making significant inroads, accelerating the shift from ownership of digital files, to access to a deep library of music. Innovative services have emerged that offer music fans ways to share music and playlists with friends, to discover new music based on existing listening choices, and most recently, ways to simultaneously listen to music and chat about it with friends at the same time. MusicStrat is uniquely qualified to help its clients take advantage of opportunities presented by the rapid development of new, enabling technologies that put more control in the hand of the music fan and at the same time, work with the music industry to help develop new artists and increase revenue for all stakeholders.


Deborah Newman

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