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Gravitas Recordings


Record Label


Gravitas Music is an Austin, TX based record label and creative collective that serves as a platform for international artists to showcase their work. The mantra of the multi-genre electronic music label, 'doing good with good music', has become a way of life. Since its inception in 2011, Gravitas boasts over 150 releases from a selection of producers worldwide. Fueled by its passion to give talented musicians and visualists a platform to share their work, the company also simultaneously strives to give back to the community by raising money for various charitable causes through compilation albums. Beyond its philanthropic initiatives, the brand’s focus is to release quality music that is accessible to anyone via Gravitas’ signature “pay-what-you-want” delivery model.


Jesse Brede

Ariel Cole
Marketing Coordinator

Alicia Horn
Label Manager

Nick Wolfe
Product Manager

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