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Part of The state51 Music Group, The state51 Conspiracy is a global music company which is 100% independent. Our Mission: We care about the music we deal with and the people who make it. Our mission is to make the world a better place for them. In pursuit of that mission we’re working to make ourselves the most ethical music company we can be. You can read about our new ethical standards and how they are improving how we work. That means supporting independent artists and labels by being transparent in business and helping creators get the credit and payment they deserve. Our History: Established in 1991, state51 has been a world leader in providing direct to fan e-commerce services, digital and physical distribution, marketing and publishing support for artists and labels. We are proud to say we were the first independent company to deliver music to iTunes. Our London team work tirelessly to make sure all of our partners receive diligent support and assistance to make each release as successful as possible. We own and operate our own platform to provide opportunities and services to independent artists and labels around the world.


William Reid

Pauline Bertinet

Estefania Pascual

Adrian Pike

Dave B. Quinn

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