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Up in the Air Productions, ltd. is a television development and production company based in New York City. We specialize in original non-fiction programming for niche cable networks, and are currently in production with sky’s THE LIMIT series for a major family-oriented cable network. The company was formed in 1999 by five veterans from the Film, Television, Design and Consumer Packaged Goods fields. Up in the Air Productions, ltd. is a steady supplier of documentary and reality-based programming, as well as corporate and industrial production projects. We produce for both domestic and international audiences. Our award-winning creative staff has worked on programs that have aired on cable, network and miscellaneous PBS stations throughout the world. Our projects have ranged from hour-long documentaries for CNN’s “Perspectives” series to a one-hour documentary for Showtime on the history of the CIA, “The Real CIA: Enemies, Secrets and Spies,” to lifestyle segments for Playboy Channel’s “Sexcetera – The News According to Playboy.” Corporate clients have included Merrill Lynch, Pfizer and Newsday. We have created several hour-long series for home video and DVD distribution. Our original programming varies from all-original shooting to completely archival documentaries and a combination of both.


Bert Brander

Jose Carlos de Oliveira Silva
Managing Director

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