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Senior Director – Creative Synch

Domino Publishing Co.is currently seeking an experienced professional to helm our US Creative Synch team.  The position reports directly to the General Manager-North America, and is based in either Los Angeles or New York City.  The Senior Director – Creative Synch is responsible for overseeing Domino Publishing Company’s Creative Synch Department, developing strategies for marketing and exploiting works written by our diverse client roster for use in Film, TV, Advertisements, Video Games, and other media.   

Candidates must have a minimum of ten years’ experience in marketing copyrights for synchronization / music licensing (and the accordant relationships with important music supervisors and/or Ad Agency Creative Directors), be self-motivated, and have a wide range of knowledge of both mainstream and eclectic, left-of-center music.   (Active knowledge of Domino Publishing Co’s roster is a plus.)  

Detailed job description:

The Senior Director – Creative Synch is an important link between Domino Publishing Co. and key music supervisors from a variety of fields.  Expected to keep abreast of new production developments and licensing opportunities, maintain existing relationships with music supervisors while seeking out and developing new contacts in the music licensing community, and have a keen understanding of the types of artists / genres of music that are appropriate for prospective placements. 

    Lead Domino Publishing Co’s Creative team in our efforts to devise marketing and outreach strategies for synchronization opportunities across all media. 

    Establish, foster and enhance existing relationships with music supervisors, music producers, and ad agency Creative’s.

    Communicate across departments with Domino Publishing Co’s Licensing and A&R teams, as well as with our UK office’s Creative team.

    Expectation of creating and developing relationships with Domino Publishing Co. writers, clients and managers.

    Liaising with our important label partners to ensure that Domino Pub has the assets we need to best market our clients repertoire. 

    Represent Domino Publishing Co. at events such as concerts, showcases, listening parties, mixers, industry events and more.

    With the Creative Synch Dept, conceptualize and execute artist and writer showcases, workshops, meetings – virtually, and when appropriate in LA, NY, Chicago, and wherever relevant.

    Seek out new business and creative opportunities for our writer clients, such as work-for-hire recordings, remixes and covers with music supervisors and agency music producers.

    Keeping abreast of new technologies, etc. that can improve efficiencies of the Creative Synch Dept.

    Responsible for managing the administrative side of the Creative Synch Dept.:  Ensuring that pitch reports for the department are updated weekly, regularly meeting with Creative team to ensure that the departments (and the individual team members) goals are being met.

In addition to representing many songwriters, Domino Publishing Co’s Creative Synch Dept are also the exclusive representatives of Domino Recording Co.’s repertoire, as well as the exclusive agents for clients such as Analog Africa (Music from Africa and South America), Relapse (Extreme music, crossing into several genres), PLD Music (British folk music), and much more.  Jointly with the Creative department staff, the position will be responsible for overseeing the creation of unique promotional/pitching tools (such as thematic samplers), the organizing and effectuating of mass mailings, as well as formulating pitches for specific licensing opportunities.  

Candidates should submit a resumé that summarizes employment and education history, as well as references. 

Domino Publishing Company was launched in early 2006, and although run by a separate management staff, it shares ownership and operations with Domino Recording Co.  With offices in London, Paris, New York and Los Angeles, we are currently the worldwide publisher or administrator for a diverse roster of writers, publishers and copyrights including Devonte Hynes (Blood Orange), Adrianne Lenker (Big Thief), Steven Severin (Siouxsie and the Banshees), Dice Raw (The Roots), The Kills, the Relapse/Release catalog (Mastodon, High on Fire, others), The Jesus and Mary Chain, the Arthur Russell catalog, and hit songs by The Human League (“Don’t You Want Me”) , Rascal Flatts (“My Wish”), Paul Hardcastle (“Nineteen”), and Nirvana (“Molly’s Lips”), to name but a few.

Domino Recording Co. was founded in the UK in 1993 by Laurence Bell, who is still the primary creative force of the company.  Initially the label focused on releasing singles and albums by American bands in the UK market (Pavement, Bonnie “Prince” Billy, Sebadoh), but in the past decade, the label has expanded to include offices in New York, Berlin, Paris and Sydney and has had considerable worldwide

Additional Info

Job Type : Full-Time

Job Function : General Management, Development/Fundraising

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