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City Slang was founded in 1990 pretty much to release The Flaming Lips’ In A Priest Driven Ambulance, but quickly other bands such as Lemonheads, Yo La Tengo and Superchunk signed up as well. The label cemented its taste-making reputation by bringing more seminal alternative American bands – including Sebadoh, Hole, and Built To Spill – across to Europe through the label’s headquarters in Berlin. In more recent years though, its sonic palette has broadened, bringing through the likes of Arcade Fire, Lambchop, Calexico and Caribou – while maintaining a philosophy that puts the artist at the centre of its universe. Soon after opening offices in London and Paris, City Slang opened a US office in 2015 and is now the global home to artists from the world over such as Sinkane (Brooklyn + Sudan), Roosevelt (Germany), Noga Erez (Tel Aviv), Imarhan (Algeria), Jakuzi (Istanbul), Gold Panda (UK), Los Bitchos (UK), plus Junior Boys (Hamilton, Canada) and Boy Harsher (via their Nude Club imprint), King Hannah, Anna B Savage and Vera Sola, to name a few. 


Christof Ellinghaus

Bianca Bafitis

Caoimhe caoimhe

Aymeric Frerejean

Ingrid ingrid

Aymeric Join-Deterle

Krista Schmidt

Severin Severin

Simon simon

Tim tim

Jeanette Wall
US Label Manager

Wido wido

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